Marina Rinaldi by Dima Ayad

Timeless allure, modern femininity: the new exclusive Capsule Collection created in conjunction with Dima Ayad combines the effortless style of the Lebanese designer and the essence of Marina Rinaldi to perfection.

World-renowned, the Lebanese designer and entrepreneur, Dima Ayad, is ready to wow you with her new Capsule Collection. With contemporary, feminine style, her creations showcase the craftsmanship and quality passed down by her family. 

Sophistication, glamour and a touch of playfulness are at the heart of this new collection, which extends a real invitation to women to express their individuality through apparel that best enhances their shape. 

Marina Rinaldi Dima Ayad 1440x700 Marina Rinaldi

Evening dresses come in bold colours with a wealth of feathers, embroidery, sequins and sparkling details, and outfits are covered in rhinestones to shine at cocktail parties: discover all the pieces in this exclusive Capsule Collection.